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If you’re a catering or event professional, the braero barbecue is a great plus to get out of competition. The brasero plancha barbecue will allow you to create a friendly atmosphere during your events. Its circular shape will allow guests to turn around the brasero and enjoy cooking and tasting when you cook your different foods. The 1 m Brasero will be the most suitable for cooking a large amount of food.

Brasero barbecue plancha for caterers

You can cook two large pieces of meat, large amount of vegetables, lots of brochettes. The central grill will serve you as a barbecue, or the cooking plate of a plancha with a large capacity. Transport our Braseros is simple because it is composed in three parts: the furniture that will serve as a support for the bowl and baking plate. That you can be decorated with wheels to facilitate the movement. The other part will be composed of the furniture that will receive the charcoal fuel or pieces of wood. This bowl was made with high temperature paint for a temperature resistance of 550°.

Brasero catererer

The other part will be made of a steel cooking plate allowing you to cook like a plancha, its particularity will be that it will be inclined to the center in order to facilitate the cleaning. When you finish your cooking, you will only have to pour water on the entire plate and bring the fat to the center of Brasero. You can add your cooking plate to a central grill that will serve you as a barbecue. This grid may be of different dimensions: 8 cm high or 16 cm high. You can add different accessories to your brasero: our furniture is made up of four holes on each side allowing you to accessorize your lateral handle brasero, two spicy bins, or a cutting board. This cutting board will allow you to draw your plates or dishes so that the servers can circulate around the guests. We are also developing a range of Brasero on dessert that can contain a chilled dessert. This refrigerated dessert will be available with door or drawer so you can store all your foods and cook them with measures.

Brasero plancha for professional

In addition we Brasero are available in two colors that will allow you to have a high-end design and profile during your events, such as weddings, family meetings or any other event involving a large number of people. When cooking on your brasero will be completed the temperature descent will be fast enough. You can remove the cooking plate and put it vertically to remove the bowl containing the fuel and empty it.