I pergola

ipergola, French manufacturer of organic pergolas kit


Welcome to ipergola,


ipergolais a brand of bioclimatic pergolas sold as a kit and to mount itself.

The vision of ipergola is to “Make accessible to as many solutions offering unique moments of life outside”. And why not complete this unique moment away and around a brasero!


We offer two types of pergolas, the bioclimatic pergola with kit (2 feet) and the bioclimatic pergola with kit (4 feet).

Our kit pergolas are easy to mount thanks to the instructions that accompany them and a numbering of packages that facilitates the assembly. Its design of extruded French-made aluminium gives it an important durability. In addition, it is also an advantage because the aluminum will not ask you for any maintenance and adapts perfectly to the different home styles that exist. Adosed and self-ported bioclimatic pergolas have different characteristics and meet different needs.

Bioclimatic pergola with kit (2 feet):


The adossed bioclimatic pergola is specially designed for a façade installation. It is equipped with 2 posts, which allows you to create an additional living space adjacent to your home. The bioclimatic blades allow you to spend pleasant moments outside, but also keep an optimal aeration in the adjoining room.

Its 2 posts are fixed on a slab or concrete plots for a solid and perennial floor anchorage and against your building using wall mounts. Find all our dimensions on our website, the technical description, and all the advantages of our bioclimatic pergola kit.


Pergola bioclimatique autoportée en kit (4 pieds):


Precisely designed for self-ported installation in a free islet, it does not require façade support or wall attachments. Its 4 posts are fixed on a slab or concrete plots for a solid and perennial floor anchorage, in the same way as the adossed pergola. They give him total freedom of location, so you can imagine different facilities: summer lounge, jacuzzi shelter, pool shelter.

You can install it on any flat ground in your garden or terrace.

Why choose a bioclimatic pergola from the ipergola brand?


The circuit is short


Our study office designs products with standard dimensions and colours. You have several sizes by washing and advanced, so you have the size of pergola that fits you most.

Wishing local economic development and the environment, we manufacture and condition our products in an eco-friendly approach in France in Chassigny (71). All ipergola are made in France, and you also have our customer service, based in France, which will answer all your questions if necessary.




We entrust your order to our authorized carrier who discharges it to your home within 15 working days (or 3 weeks) which allows you to enjoy your pergola very quickly.

Easy to install on the outside (terrace or garden) everything has been designed to make you easier to mount and guarantee you a perfect autonomy. A mounting instructions as well as a numbered package guide you step by step at each stage of the installation of your bioclimatic adossed or self-ported pergola.


Let’s summarize the advantages of ipergola!


By choosing ipergola, you are choosing a French manufacturer with:

- Simplicité d’achat à prix d’usine

- Reduced investment

- Free delivery within 15 working days

- Certified and reliable transport

- Easy assembly by 2 people in 1 day

- Material quality: 5 years warranty

- Durability in time: guarantee 10 years profile distortion and colorimetry

- Manufacture French eco-friendly (extruded 100% recyclable aluminium)

- Reactive customer service