Who we are ? 

Brasero Artisan is a company located at the heart of Anjou in a beautiful gastronomic and wine region. We propose a range of brasero barbecues to make your events and your meals with family and friends more enjoyable.

Our braseros are entirely made in Anjou to ensure an excellent quality of manufacture in which we master all aspects. Local craftsmanship is very important to us because it seems obvious to support the local production and economic fabric. This is why our braseros have received the label "Produit en Anjou".

With our provider, we are proud to participate in the development of our region and promote the local skills.


As we love our local gastronomy and the convivial moments offered by the Brasero, we decided to produce our Brasero in Anjou rather than offering products from other countries like most of the Braseros that can be found on the BBQ market.

A bit of history, what is a brasero?

The origins of the brasero go back to the ancient Greco-Roman period. At that time, the brasero was a metal container on a tripod full of burning embers. It was used as a heating system for the poorest dwellings. Decades later the Spanish also used it as their main source of heat. Originally, it was a heating tool made of terra cotta, and later of copper filled with hot embers. The brasero means "embers or brazier" depending on the way it is used. During the conquest of the Spanish conquistadors the Maya took possession of the brasero.


Why buying a brasero?

The Brasero is a convivial barbecue that will allow you to invite your guests around a cooking table raised on its storage unit.  It will allow you to cook your food without direct contact with the flame and therefore without the associated risks. The preparation is directly done on the S235 steel or refractory stainless steel cooking plate (your choice). This choice of material allows a strong resistance to heat and corrosion. This allows you to cook beautiful pieces of meat and fish in an optimal way. The heat distribution preserves all the flavors of the food and the tenderness of the meat. The optional booster allows you to simmer or keep warm a wok or a pot. Our oval-shaped cooking plate is a considerable advantage over round cooking plates. Indeed, this plate allows you to keep warm your sauces or products that are already cooked.

With clean lines and modern colors (black or corten), in addition to its use as a barbecue, the brasero will be a friendly element that brings your guests together around a flame. Its cooking plate with handles will allow you to remove it safely and guarantee a larger fireplace.

The brasero becomes a real piece of decoration in your exteriors. Creator of conviviality, the brasero will allow a true culinary sharing and that no matter the season. Once the meal is over, if you wish to keep a cosy and friendly atmosphere, the brasero can be transformed into a garden fireplace and thus allows warming up the place. Its’ pure and minimalist design makes it a real decorative object. The base allows you to store your wood logs and refill your fire quickly.

Made from durable and weather resistant materials, the brasero can be used all year round. With many functions, from barbecuing to wood burning, the brasero will allow you to prepare delicious meals in any season.

The brasero is the perfect accessory to spend an evening by the fire. You can organize delicious meals.

The maintenance is very simple, once the plate is slightly cooled, you can clean it with a spatula or a damp cloth. You can protect your plate from the weather with the cover (accessory). The protective steel cover is a practical way to protect the stove between each usage.

Yes, you can also use the brasero for a professional activity!

Its multifunctionality will allow chefs to exercise their know-how and creativity thanks to the different recipes that can be used on the brasero. The different cooking modes, plancha and/or simmered, will allow you to elaborate your best recipes.


The brasero will become a tool and an ideal accessory for your outdoor events. Its sober and pure design is a real decorative accessory for your patio. This open kitchen will bring animation to your outdoor spaces. The brasero is known to be a tool provoking moments of exchange, sharing and conviviality around a fire and a good meal. You will be able to transform your garden into a real spot of conviviality as well as being heating and lighting equipment.

How to light your brasero?

You can start your brasero in about twenty minutes by placing wood and if you wish using a fire starter. Be careful not to pile the wood too high because the embers could fly. If you prefer, you can also use coal.

And the cooking?

As with a traditional barbecue, you have to make sure that the wood or coal burns until you get nice embers. Avoid filling the tank with too much fuel.

If you want to use the brasero as a garden fireplace after your meal, just add a little wood to get nice flames.

Where should I place my brasero?

Your brasero should be installed in an open area with a perimeter of at least 1.5 m, where there are no combustible materials such as branches or dry leaves. Always prefer stable and flat surfaces.

Don't forget safety!

Make sure before use that you are in compliance with local regulations (especially in regions with a high risk of forest fires), and that the fuel you use is NF and/or CE certified. The brasero must never be lit with methylated spirits or gasoline, as the flames produced would be too dangerous.

Never leave your fire unattended.