Our Braseros

The advantages of our Brasero are multiple. The Brasero allows you to combine outdoor heating, or you can place it on a terrace, by the pool, under a pergola. The brasero allows you to warm the atmosphere and the atmosphere around its location. Brasero also has a plancha and barbecue function, the large steel plate that is placed on the bowl allows you to cook foods like vegetables, meat, fish directly on the steel plate. When you receive the Brasero plate is new. She's gonna skate at the end of some cooking to become black. This black color will allow you to have an adhesive protective layer for your food, as well as corrosion protection.

Le Brasero qui fait plancha et barbecue

The central hole located on the cooking plate will allow you to place a cooking grill and use it as a barbecue. There are two types of grid, a grid of 8 cm high and a grid of 16 cm high. We also offer you different accessories to equip your brasero with the barbecue and measures.

There is a lid that will be adapted to the size of your Brasero, it will allow you to protect your Brasero from the rain. It can also serve as a stifle to turn off your Brasero safely. We have equipped each four-hole furniture on each side, these holes will allow you to equip as you wish with different accessories such as side handles or cutting board.