Brasero professionnel

Our range of plancha BBQ brewers can be particularly suitable for professionals such as caterers, restaurateurs or any other industry offering event to cook and prepare large quantities at reception. Our range of Brasero diameter 100 cm will allow you to cook for about 50 people.

Professional Brasero

On the other hand, if you make skewer type preparations, you can prepare meals for 80 to 100 people. Our range of Braseros can be equipped with various accessories such as the covers to protect the vat from the weather. The brasero can also be equipped with accessories such as a side handle, a drawer to allow you to store different accessories for the kitchen, or a cutting board on the side. We wanted our range of Braseros to be entirely evolutionary over time. That's why we made holes on the side of the furniture to enhance your brasero and the future accessories we're going to offer for sale. We highlight the quality of manufacturing by providing a special care for welding, painting and the choice of our materials. Our Braseros are exclusively made in the Maine-et-Loire which brings a quality guarantee on our range of professional Braseros.

Brasero for restaurant

If you are a restaurateur, you can equip your terrace with a brasero to create a show cooking spirit. You must first request an authorization from your town hall to install a brewer plancha barbecue. The Brasero is a cooking tool that creates a convivial moment and diffuses nice values for your customers. You can get your pin out of the game by offering a festive tool that comes out of the ordinary. Brasero is a design object that will embellish your terrace. It can also be used as outdoor heating for the coldest evenings.