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Who are we?

Brasero Artisan is a company located in the heart of Anjou in a beautiful gastronomic and wine region, we distribute a range ofbrasero barbecue to animate your events and meals between family and friends.

Our braseros are 100% made in Anjou to guarantee an irreproachable manufacturing quality where we master all aspects. The local craftsmanship is particularly important to us because it seems obvious to us to support local production and economic fabric, which is why our braseros received the label "Product in Anjou".

We are proud with our provider to participate in the development of our region and to highlight the local know-how.

Loved the good cuisine of our terroir and the convivial moments offered by the Brasero, we decided to make our Brasero in Anjou rather than offer products from other countries like most of the Braseros that can be found on the barbecue market.

A little history, what is a Brasero?

The origins of the brasero date back to the Antique Gréco-Romaine period. At that time, the brasero was a metal container on tripod filled with fiery embers and then served as a heating system for the poorest homes. Decades later the Spaniards also used it as the main source of heat. Originally, it was a heating tool made of terracotta, then copper filled with hot embers. The brasero means "braises or braces" according to the way it is used. During the conquest of the Spanish conquerors the Mayas took possession of the brasero.

Why buy a Brasero?

The Brasero is a friendly barbecue that will allow you to invite your guests around the hob raised on its storage cabinet. It will allow you to cook your foods without direct contact with the flame and therefore without associated harm. Cooking is done directly on the S235 steel baking sheet or stainless steel refractory (at choice). This choice of material allows high heat and corrosion resistance. You can cook beautiful pieces of meat and fish optimally. The distribution of heat preserves all tastes of food and the tenderness of their flesh. The booster (optional) allows you to simmer or keep a wok or a pot warm. Our oval-shaped baking sheet is a considerable advantage over round baking plates. Indeed, this plate allows a warm hold for your sauces or products that have finished cooking.

With clean lines and modern colors (black or corten), in addition to its use of barbecue, the brasero will be a convivial element that gathers your guests around a flame. Its cooking plate with handles will allow you to safely remove it and guarantee a larger fireplace.

The brasero becomes a real piece of decoration in your exteriors. Creator of conviviality, the Brasero will allow true culinary sharing and this no matter the season. Once the meal is finished, if you want to keep a cozy and friendly atmosphere, the brasero can be transformed into a garden fireplace and allows you to warm the atmosphere. The design of braserois purified and minimalist makes him a real decoration object. The base allows you to store your wood logs and be able to recharge your fire quickly.

Made from durable and weather-resistant materials, the brasero can be used throughout the year. Possing many functions, as well as barbecue and wooden fireplace with the brasero you will be able to prepare delicious meals in all seasons.

The brasero is the perfect accessory to spend an evening at the corner of the fire. You can arrange delicious meals.

The maintenance is very simple, once the plate is slightly cooled, you can clean it with a spatula or a wet cloth. It is possible to protect your plaque from the weather thanks to its lid (accessory). The steel protective cover is convenient to protect the fireplace between use.

And yes, you can also use thebraero for professional use !

Its multifunctionality will allow you restaurant chefs to exercise your know-how and creativity thanks to the various recipes adaptable to the brasero. The different cooking modes at the plancha and/or in simmer will allow you to develop your best recipes.

The brasero is a great toolhigh-end and an ideal accessory for your outdoor events. Its sober and sleek design is a real decorative accessory for your terrace. This open kitchen will bring animation to your outdoor areas. The brasero is known to be a tool producing moments of exchange, sharing and conviviality around a fire and a good meal. You will be able to turn your terrace into a real conviviality spot in addition to being a heating and lighting equipment.

How to start your brasero?

Simple to use, you will be able to start the brazier in about 20 minutes by placing wood and if you want it using a fire lighter. Be careful not to stack the wood too high because the braise could fly. If you prefer, you can also use charcoal.

What about cooking on your brasero?

As with a traditional barbecue, it is important to ensure that the burning of wood or charcoal is done until you get beautiful embers. Avoid overloading the fuel tank.

If you wish after your meal, use the brasero as a garden fireplace, just add a little wood to get beautiful flames.

Where do I place my brasero?

Your brasero must be installed in a clear place within a perimeter of at least 1.5 m, where there is no fuel such as dry branches or leaves. Always focus on stable and flat surfaces.

We don’t forget security!

Make sure before any use is made to comply with local regulations (especially in high-risk areas of forest fire), and that the fuel you use includes the NF and/or EC standard. The brasero should never be lit with burning alcohol or gasoline, as the flames produced would be too dangerous.

Never leave your fire unattended.