Brasero design

The Brasero is the design object you need to access and beautify your garden, terrace and/or poolside.

Brasero design

For this nothing simpler, the Brasero and provides on foot or on wheels, you can then simply move it without risking it falling and hurting you. The Brasero will offer you three possibilities: the first possibility is to use it as an outdoor heating. It will then function to warm the atmosphere and your friends during your winter evenings. The other quality of your Brasero is to use it as a cooking tool, its cooking plate assimilated to a plancha will allow you to cook any type of ingredients directly on the plate. And finally, the middle hole will be used to implant a cooking grill to use it as a barbecue. The Brasero remains a totally design object our manufacturing teams have designed a brasero that can fit perfectly into your exterior.

Brasero barbecue design

Whether you’re a restaurant, event, hotel, seminar room, you’ll be able to use the Brasero throughout the year. Our company, Brasero Artisan is located in Maine and Loire more precisely in Ecouflant. French manufacturing is particularly important to us, we are putting a point of honour to highlight the knowledge and quality of the local manufacture of our products. The design of your brasero will be different depending on the type of accessories you will add to your furniture. You can embellish your brasero with a side handle that is used to put your towel, your cooking brush or simply help you move your Brasero or you wish. A new accessory comes out of our "spice baccalaureate" production, this spicy tray will allow you to put your salt, pepper or any other spices to enhance your dishes and increase the chance to seduce your friends around a good meal. We also developed a solid oak cutting board held by two rails on each side.