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copy of La Gaule Ø 800 mm
copy of La Gaule Ø 800 mm

copy of La Gaule Ø 800 mm

The brasero "la Gaule" is the brasero of the buddies, a barbecue braid to ripailler around a warm element in all seasons.

Prepare your meats, fish, crustaceans and vegetables for 15 to 20 friends.

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The brasero "La Gaule" is 100% made in Anjou with love and passion for conversing 15 to 20 friends around a moment of good living.

This Ø 800 mm brasero is available with a steel cooking plate S235. The cooking plate is slightly tilted inside to ensure that the fats do not come out and leave in the tank.

Its 3 mm tank is ideal for burning wood (fish, beech, charm) in 33 cm, its high temperature paint at 550° ensures a longevity at all times. The optional lid will allow you to avoid the rain water coming inside the tank.

Our brasero consists of 3 modules that can be removed separately:

- Cooking plate with a weight of 43 kg

- The bowl with a weight of 16 kg

- The support is 401 x 401 x 401 mm for a weight of 2.7 kg

Diameter of your cooking plate
Ø 1030 mm
77 kg
Thickness of cooking plate
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