80 cm

There are several devices to warm up relaxation moments between friends and family. The brasero is an increasingly adopted device by several households for several years. It is practical and gradually replaces the barbecue because of its versatile use. We'll tell you everything on the brasero 80 cm.

What is the role of brasero plancha barbecue 80 cm?

The brasero is a multifunctional device. It is possible to use it in various circumstances. It is an equipment used to warm the atmosphere of the terrace, garden, living room or to illuminate the edges of a swimming pool. Apart from its role of temperature improvement, it serves to change the design of a decoration.

In addition, it can be converted to barbecue for cooking certain dishes. Just add some accessories purchased in addition. These include tripod, grille, etc. Muni of this equipment, you have to satisfy small and large for a moment around the fire.

Advantages of use of brasero plancha barbecue 80 cm

The brasero thanks to its simple training is a very easy to use equipment. Just feed it and you get an optimal result. It is usually made in very solid material. This makes you able to use it for several years. The more the material in which it is forged is original, the more it allows a beautiful thermal inertia. And longer you will use it.

The brasero is an easy to carry and storage device. It is when it is, for example, cast iron that it weighs a little more and requires more force for its displacement. On the other hand, it generally has a very attractive design.

What fuels for the brasero plancha barbecue 80 cm?

Depending on what you have at your disposal, you have a variety of choices regarding the fuel that your brasero will use.

The electric model

Electricity is the most shared element in the city. For an electric model, just plug it in and everything is played. It is therefore easy to use. So you will have no difficulty lighting it. It's easy to feed. With this kind of brasero, the heating is automatic. They are very powerful and can reach very high temperatures. They come back, a little expensive on the market.

Wood or coal model

A wood brew is very economical and ecological. You will need to find a good storage space that can accommodate a good supply of wood or charcoal. However, it should not be forgotten that this device produces a lot of smoke as well as enough ash. It is not possible to use it in a living room, a balcony, a terrace. You can do it in a garden or during a barbecue party in a free space. However, the aroma obtained after cooking with wood is very pleasant.

On the other hand, charcoal burns less quickly than wood, but allows a nice rise in temperature. A charcoal fire guarantees you a long time of heat. However, you will need a bit of know-how to fire. It is also important to know that coal is propagating light, salty dust.

The gas or propane model

It is a purely modern device. It is a little slow to heat after starting, but when it takes, it becomes very powerful. To use it, you must feed it with a bottle of city gas or a bottle of propane.

Speaking of propane models, they are often in a very resistant coating such as rock pebbles, glass, fake wood, etc. For the power supply, a propane pot must be connected.

In short, the brasero has several advantages to use. It allows you to spend good warm moments while enjoying a more or less pleasant setting. Speaking of the feeding of the brasero, there is a variety of fuels within the reach of all that will facilitate your use.