Brasero en corten

The brasero, this heating appliance dating from thousands of years, but still popular nowadays. It is found in various forms, sizes, but also in several types of coating. In stone, cast iron, steel, or terracotta, it is also available in corten steel. This metal, appreciated for its many qualities, has attracted the attention of designers in the manufacture of their equipment. To raise the chic side of your garden, to enjoy its outdoors in any season, or to simply spend good moments around a grill, here is your favorite material: thebrasero corten.

The Corten: What is it?

First, the Corten steel is named after its two main properties: Corrosion resistance meaning corrosion resistance and TENsile strength indicating tensile strength. Originally, metal was solicited in the industry and TB field.

Little by little, decorators, artists and designers have been interested in corten for its qualities, not only robustness, but also its aesthetic side. It is now increasingly present in the interior and exterior furnishings of the houses.

Corten steel has these characteristics thanks to its composition. It has a structure formed by a layer of copper, molybdenum nickel, chrome and phosphorus. These alloys then form a self-protective surface of oxidation through atmospheric conditions.

Over time, it comes to maturation, thus constituting a compact patina allowing the corten steel to undergo external aggression without damaging. This low oxygen permeable patina ensures the high strength of the Corten in addition to a relatively increased durability.

Basically, this particular steel has a complexion close to steel gray, as it is not yet rusty. During indoor use, it will not adopt orange or brown red tone as is usually recognized.

Outside, and under the influence of weather, humidity and climate change, the rust layer will begin to form after a few weeks. The oxidation process therefore requires exposure to climatic hazards as well as alternating dry and humid periods to be performed correctly.

Why choose a corten brasero?

Before anything, it is important to know the origins of the brasero. This is a heating equipment used since Antiquity. He settles inside or outside according to his type. Currently, it performs other roles, in addition to its heating function.

There are many materials used by designers in the manufacture of these devices (terracotta, cast iron, steel, etc.). However, the corten steel braero stands out by many peculiarities.

If you want to bring a unique touch to the decoration of your garden, then the brasero corten is an alternative of choice. Over time, its structure adopts authentic and varied tones, as remember, the alloy reacts to the hazards of its environment. It presents an undeniable style that will not fail to be noticed in your exterior.

One of the most appreciated properties of this metal remains its great robustness. Moreover, it is 10 times more resistant than steel. It is insensitive to weather, corrosion and high temperatures, making it an unmistakable material for braseros. Skating provides your equipment with undeniable durability.

The brasero steel corten takes over the characteristics of the alloy. It does not require or little maintenance. Due to the low oxygen permeable protective layer, the base steel is not affected by climate conditions. Moreover, this layer is capable of self-regenerating. You can then leave your material outside at any time without risk that it will deteriorate.

The various Braseros in corten steel from Brasero Artisan

Home Brasero Artisan, discover our selection of braseros corten shaped by the expertise and craft know-how of our designers. Depending on your expectations and needs, you can easily choose from our catalog including:

The P’tite Huguette: made of corten steel, it embarks a tank of 650 mm in diameter. Transformable in brasero plancha, it is able to host culinary preparations for 10 to 12 people.

The Gerard: a little more voluminous and dedicated for festivities with larger numbers of guests, it displays a 1000 mm diameter tank suitable for about 50 guests.

Le Dubule: the compromise between the two models, it has a 800 mm diameter structure to receive your menus for 15 to 20 guests.

The devices are made of corten steel, incorporating the properties of metal in robustness and durability. In addition to their cooking function thanks to the grill and cooking plates, they also fill their heating role with the mild winter days and the cool evenings in the spring.

Elegant, corten braseros easily integrate into their environment. Whatever the style of decoration of your exterior, they will bring a particular visual touch. In addition, the furniture for their support is able to accommodate the various accessories and utensils in order to have them nearby when using your brasero.