65 cm

To spend time with friends or family outside your home, a campfire is always a good idea to warm the atmosphere. However, the experience offered by the brasero is even more exceptional. There are different sizes with various characteristics that make it very practical. Here’s what you need to know about the 65 cm diameter.

Technical characteristics of brasero 65 cm

The brasero is a heating equipment commonly used outside the house. This model has a diameter of 65 cm. Easy to carry, it weighs about 8 to 12 kg depending on the type of material used for its design. It has a height around 57 cm or more. He's very practical. This type of model has handles on each side that can easily carry it.

It is an iron equipment capable of supporting a high heat temperature. Thus, it is possible to maintain a fire of more than 360 degrees. With some equipment, it is possible to go beyond this temperature. Depending on the type of fuel used, it can take a good amount of substance to burn. His tank is enough. It is an ergonomic device with good safety.

The brasero is good to warm the atmosphere, but it also allows to cook and heat food safely. It is in this way that he is very competitive with the barbecue. All you have to do is arrange it with the right accessories and you can prepare your food.

Advantages of brasero 65 cm

The brasero is a quality device with a remarkable duration of use, it is made of resistant iron that gives it a long lasting strength. The accessories that accompany it, such as the fire net, offer secure and quality use. It is very easy to use but also remains a very light and easy to move equipment. In addition, its small size facilitates efficient storage. Even if you live in a house with little space, you will have no difficulty.

What coating for brasero 65 cm?

The brasero is available in several durable materials. You will meet on the market in stainless steel, steel, copper, cast iron, etc.

Steel model

There are more and more steel braseros due to resistance. Indeed, he is present. Whether your device is enamelled, stainless or lacquered, it is very tenacious against corrosion and high temperature. Steel is an easy metal to work by manufacturers. So you have original braseros on the market.

Model in Fonte

This is the material most adopted by the users of brasero. It allows an absolute thermal inertia. What to spend moments of relaxation with a very pleasant temperature. The cast iron is a matter that stores the heat produced and restores it gradually. You can always enjoy several extra hours of heat, even after switching off your equipment. It is a material that also resists high heat. However, it is more efficient than steel.

Terracotta model

This is the basic model. The first braseros were made of terracotta. It allows a beautiful rise in thermal inertia. With this specimen, you will feel the heat on several meters all around. It is, however, a very fragile model. This is why the steel and cast iron specimens exceed it.

Ultimately, the brasero 65 cm is a very practical device, especially for family use. It is also easy to move for your relaxing moments like camping in the forest or all kinds of adventures. However, to choose one, the type of material used to forge it must be taken into account. It is important to ensure a beautiful temperature rise and hardability.

Our range of Brasero from 65 cm “the small Huguette” is suitable for use in people wishing to cook for 10 to 12 guests. This baking brasero plancha barbecue stands out by its 68 cm baking sheet composed of two side handles. The two handles will allow you to remove the plate from the bowl or keep pans or other food warm. This brasero plancha is available in two versions: the first version will be a steel corten for furniture with a black bowl and a cooking plate. The second version will be a painted furniture Black thermolaquer with a bowl and a cooking plate.

Brasero plancha from 65 cm

Free to accessorize your brasero with the various accessories available. Our furniture are equipped with four holes on each side allowing you to configure your Brasero as you wish. You can adapt a side handle in oak, a spice tray, a solid oak cutting board. The furniture can be equipped with wheels or just feet like that basic configuration. In terms of finishing we have made an irreproachable point of honour for furniture the bowl or baking plate. The peculiarity of our bowl Brasero Artisan and received a high temperature paint treatment to support a temperature of 550°. The baking sheet is made of steel and is slightly inclined to the centre to let the fat flow when cooking your food. Brasero Artisan is a French company located in the heart of Maine-et-Loire in a rich and quality industrial basin.

Brasero corten barbecue

Our strength today is to control all the points and aspects of manufacturing our permanent stock allows us to quickly ship your equipment. You have the possibility on our website to order online and pay in several times. Brasero Artisan is constantly in innovation because we want to change our range of Brasero in time. Thanks to our scalable furniture you can then order your various accessories to follow the evolution of the Braseros. Discover our brasero plancha of 80 cm.