Brasero to pose

How to enjoy the beautiful winter evenings and night festivities in the summer in its garden or outside its home? Family gatherings around culinary preparations identical to a barbecue? The solution would be to adopt a brasero. Decorative element, heating system, cooking unit, the brasero on the base still impresses as much by its multifunctionality.

Brasero on the base: what is it?

The brasero on the base is part of the classic braseros category. It is similar to the braero basket which is often equipped with support, allowing them to have a certain height. The support mainly avoids installation on the ground, especially if the surface can deteriorate in contact with high temperatures.

This equipment is generally recognizable by its shape. It reproduces the appearance of a cup in which the braises are put to warm up outdoors. In the tank, the fuels fire in order to provide a unique visual rendering as remarkable flame shows during the evenings to the star.

The brasero on base is often available in several types following its manufacturing material. Usually it is made of metal to give it a rustic shape. The cast iron is the most appreciated element for its interesting characteristics in terms of heat conservation and restoration. It offers good thermal comfort. There is also steel and steel corten. Both have interesting properties regarding durability and ease of maintenance. The tripod can be made of stone, but also of steel, and plays mainly the insulation role for the soil.

The advantages of the brasero on the base?

One of the undeniable strengths of brasero on the base remains of course his practicality. Because of its shape and size, it is easy to carry it. If you have a large outdoor space, you can change your location in the way of a barbecue.

In addition to this, it fills its initial feature with brio which is the extra heater. Who says fire always says heat. This equipment is unmatched during the events during the evenings when the temperature starts to come down and we all gather around the fire to share convivial moments.

We particularly appreciate the design of braseros on the base. If you want to change the decoration of your exterior, why not opt for these devices? Currently, designers offer them under different aesthetics allowing them to play a role of full decoration object on your terrace, in your garden, or next to your pool. It will bring a special touch in its environment. Once installed, all eyes will turn to these equipment at the same time attractive and stylish.

Some models of brasero on the base also allow the preparation of a multitude of culinary preparations. In fact, they can be converted into a plancha brasero with the addition of a cooking plate. It offers various cooking options such as grilling, suffocated cooking and many more, or you can simply roast your marshmallows as around a good campfire.

Apart from the cooking grid to put the equipment, other specimens allow the installation of a tripod overlooking the braise for even more options for your recipes.

The different Braseros on the base of the house Brasero Artisan

Home Brasero Artisan, we can get his brasero on the floor. A catalogue is available in two ranges: La P’tite Gaule and Gaule.

The difference between selections is their ability. For the Gaul P’tite, the models are available with a 650 mm diameter tank. The equipment is able to satisfy a dozen guests as a cooking unit. Gaul shows a cut of 800 mm in diameter. If you want to treat about 20 guests, this is the device you need.

Articles present in the selection Brasero Artisan advance a quality craftsmanship. The 100% Anjou certification guarantees this know-how. Their tank is designed to accommodate fuels such as oak wood, beech or charming wood. These components are made to support high temperatures of up to 550 °C and intensive handling thanks to their thickness of 3 mm.

The braseros on the base Brasero Artisan can also be equipped with accessories that you will find on the platform. Discover, for example, the S235 steel baking sheet with a thickness of 12 mm for culinary preparations of all kinds. The cooking grill is also available for grilled meat, fish or vegetables. To keep your equipment safe from the weather and external attacks, you can bring it with a lid, also accessible on the webshop.