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Our range of brewers plancha barbecue has a sleek and modern design. The different colors that we propose fit perfectly with the black bowl that allows you to put the fuel. You have the choice between a brasero plancha barbecue with a black finish blends perfectly with the black bowl and a high temperature paint.

Modern Brasero

You can install it quickly on your terrace or by a pool to give a very nice visual appearance. Our brasero is often noticed by its sleek lines and its design and modern look, as the cubic furniture combines perfectly with the roundness of the bowl and baking plate. Our design team to develop this range of brewed barbecue plancha to blend perfectly into the garden space of our customers of individuals or professionals. The different sizes we offer allow you to adapt your Brasero to any type of event. We start our range with a black finish brasero or Corten with a diameter of 65 cm, La p'tite Huguette. The Dudule has a size of 80 cm and finally the Gérard with a diameter of 100 cm.

Brasero modern barbecue

The various accessories you can put on our Brasero will perfect its clean and modern line, for example, you can adapt a side handle on the side of your furniture. We also develop a cutting board that can fit on the side of the furniture, this cutting board is removable and allows you to put it on the table to serve your guests. Home Brasero Artisan we always favor the home fact: we work with local artisans for the products we cannot manufacture. For example, our solid oak hob has built in a small village south of Maine-et-Loire. This Artisan works wood for food contact and favors short circuits.