Braero for grilling

The BBQ Brasero offers you a huge choice to cook different dishes: your Brasero can serve you to cook various meats such as pork meat, beef meat, duck meat, rabbit meat, chicken meat and not forget the fish and vegetables. You have no limit with Brasero to be able to cook all the foods you want from salt and sweet.

Brasero for grilling

The particularity of Brasero and it will have a circular cooking plate that will be located just above the combustion fireplace. This plancha offers a wide choice of cooking in addition to its diameter ranging from 65 cm to 1 m in diameter offers you a sufficient space to cook. Your brasero plancha barbecue is also equipped with a barbecue grill. This stainless steel barbecue grill from different heights 8 cm and 16 cm will allow you to seize directly the meat even the flame or with the 16 cm grid make slow cooking.

Brasero barbecue for grilling

The Brasero for grilling is simply great because it offers a range of cooking recipes to the cook. The Brasero is also a user-friendly object, it is an element that departs from its shape, gathers the guests. It will allow friends to cook their meals themselves and adjust their cooking according to their preference. Maybe you're asking about cleaning? Cleaning is extremely simple because when you finish your cooking you only have to pour water on the plate and scrape your cooking plate with a spatula to allow the fats to go directly to the center of Brasero and then reboil.